Teens showcase their art skills at art exhibition in Auburn

Teens showcase their art skills at art exhibition in Auburn

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - While most students are wrapping up school or already on summer vacation,18 junior high and high school students gathered at Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art for a Teen Takeover.

These students will have 12 hours to put together art to fill up two studios inside the museum.  It generally takes the museum staff up to a month to put together an exhibit of this size, and these teens are doing it overnight. This is the second year of the Teen Takeover.

Last year was an overwhelming success, "The teen takeover allows kids to have complete control over two galleries at the museum. So they get to choose their materials, they get to choose their subject matter, they get to work with each other and collaborate with no bars," said Andrew Henley, the Education Curator K-12 for Auburn Schools. 

Last year students enjoyed the experience and could not wait to make it back this year for a variety of reasons.

"Mostly the freedom, you can do what ever you want to do, they have so much art supplies, they have tons and tons of things I didn't know existed honestly and you can see what other people are doing too," said Kyra Wesche, a Auburn High School.  

In addition to Kyra, Alexys Ayers, is back for her second Teen Takeover, "I started doing something I wasn't really sure about, I had never worked with oil based clay. To be honest when I came here I didn't know what I was going to do.  So I said I'll just go for it I'll do whatever and it came out to be successful. "

She said Teen Takeover helped her gain confidence to try new things in the year since.

This event is a way to showcase the hard work of art students in east Alabama and why highlight what having art programs in schools can produce.

"Many of these students have taken multiple art classes and they are excited to take more of them. So this is just one more way the arts are important in the school and this is a great outcome of us having that," said Henley.

If you would like to check out the work created during this Teen Takeover the exhibit will be open to the public starting this Thursday through June 5.

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