Defense attorneys to appeal barbershop murder trial guilty verdict

Defense attorneys to appeal barbershop murder trial guilty verdict

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - After nearly three weeks of trial and six hours deliberating, a jury reached a unanimous verdict, finding Dantevious Doleman and Edward Lee guilty of more than 15 crimes, including murder.

Columbus police say the duo committed during a five week crime spree which included the shooting murder of a Columbus barbershop owner.

Attorneys for Doleman and Lee said that after the verdict was published, they plan to file an appeal for their clients within 24 hours.

"Doleman's maintained his innocence all along and still does despite the verdict," says William Kirby, Doleman's defense attorney.

Kirby and Jennifer Curry, defense attorney for Lee say they will submit their appeal during the sentencing hearing Wednesday afternoon.

"Lee entered a plea of not guilty at the beginning of this case and he maintains that position," says Curry.

Demetrice Scott, the state's key witness for the trial and a third accomplice to the five-week crime spree, d ropped a bomb during the trial, testifying the fourth suspect seen by other eyewitnesses is named "Chris," and was also involved in the murder.

The defense attorneys said the state needs to further investigate the case and identify the fourth suspect, who was seen by several witnesses in the car
with Scott, Lee and Doleman at the time Artis was killed.

"We were told by Demetrice Scott that his name was 'Chris.' To me, I am convinced he was the shooter," Kirby said.

State Prosecutor Wesley Lambertus says now that the trial is over, CPD detectives are going to continue their investigation.

"If 'Chris' was there, and 'Chris' got out of the vehicle with him, than he is partied to the crime," Lambertus says.

Sentencing will be held in Judge Art Smith's courtroom on Wednesday, May 25. Scott sentencing will be at 10 a.m., Doleman and Lee will be sentenced at 3 p.m.

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