Muscogee Co. voters reminded of rules on election day

Muscogee Co. voters reminded of rules on election day

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Voting is over, but during the day election officials wanted to remind people of the voting rules that helped them at the polls.

The precinct at Wynnton Road United Methodist Church was one of the 27 polling places in Muscogee County. More than 500 people came out to cast their ballots for several of the key races.

To vote, one of the most important things needed is to bring some form of picture identification.

It can be a Georgia Driver's License (even if expired), Military ID, a passport or a Government Issued (Gun ID, Work).

You can only vote for the candidates in the district you live in and you are allowed to ask for a sample ballot before voting.

"Look at the sample ballot before you go to the machine. That way you won't be surprised when you go to the machine and you are trying to vote for somebody that you're not in your district. Then you'll know it before you go to the machine," said Jeanette James, election official for Muscogee County.

Campaign signs and those campaigning for a candidate should be at least 150 feet away from the building and at least 25 feet from a person standing in line to vote.

The elections office so far hasn't had any problem other than guiding people to the correct polling location.

A lot of voters at Wynnton Road United Methodist say the voting process was easy to follow and didn't experience problems with voting.    

"It ran smooth today, no crowds, no lines, no nothing. In and out," said Audrey Davis, voter.

"But the main is with the school district and the ones that I voted for came around to the house and spoke. I hope that they do exactly what they said and not set behind a desk and ignore stuff," said Lena Moore, voter.  

School Board District on the ballot include: 1, 3, 5, 7. For City Council, the districts are 2, 4, 6, 8, and At Large.

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