GA and AL suing Obama administration over transgender bathroom policy

GA and AL suing Obama Administration over transgender bathroom policy

(WTVM) - Nearly a dozen states are joining together to stand against a recent directive put forward by the Obama administration to ensure civil rights for transgender students in public schools. 

"The Republican Senate Caucus called on our attorney general to file a lawsuit or join in litigation. Ultimately that's his decision so Attorney General Sam Olens made the decision to join with Texas and the other states," says Georgia State Senator Josh Mckoon.

The state of Georgia is standing alongside Alabama, Texas, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Utah, Maine and  Arizona in attempt to challenge the transgender bathroom directive put forward on May 13.

"At the district court level you could see anything from a six month time frame but then of course it could go to the court of appeals and then of course the court of appeals so we could be talking about several years of litigation," says Mckoon.

In the meantime, Valerie Fuller, director of communication with the Muscogee County School District, says there will not be any changes to schools in Columbus. 

"The district's legal counsel is reviewing the federal guidance at this time. No policies have been changed at this time. There is nothing we can do while it is still under review," says Fuller.

"Coming up in the general assembly some people are going to say we don't want it in the state of Georgia others are going to want to uphold what the president has directed," says Georgia State Senator Ed Harbison. 

The litigation between the eleven states and the Obama administration will take place in federal district court in Texas.

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