Nominate a military child for a dream room makeover

Nominate a military child for a dream room makeover

(WTVM) - A nonprofit organization wants to make sure a special military child has the bedroom of their dreams.
The second Dream Room Makeover is taking nominations to surprise a deserving child.  

We checked in with the Columbus family whose daughter was chosen to get a new room in 2015 after they decided to enter into the contest through the website.
The military family had trouble getting their daughter to sleep in her own room after their family went through a traumatic experience five years ago. All it took was a bedroom makeover last year. Now they're hoping other children can benefit from the contest.

Eight-year-old So'Maiya Smith now has fairy tale dreams, sleeping and playing with toys in her princess themed bedroom.

"It's made a big difference to make sure she's in her room. That was the biggest fight. She's sleeping in here every night. The nightmares aren't as bad as they used to be, I think it's because of the lights and the intercom system," said mother LaKesha Smith.

The bad dreams started after her father, Carlos Smith, now a military veteran, was severely injured during a motorcycle accident in 2011.  
So'Maiya's new room became a reality and a safe place after she was chosen as the winner of the Children's Military Dream Room Makeover last summer. She loves the color purple and another special item in her room.

"My chair because I usually play with my iPad. I sit in the chair and lay it out all the way and lay on it," said So'Maiya.

"There is a lot of day-to-day stress that is relieved with programs like these. Especially when you serve your country, there are programs out there that would truly help you," said father Carlos Smith.

Now another military child up to 15 years old can win a room makeover sponsored by the non-profit organization Active Heroes, along with Montlick & Associates and WTVM News Leader 9.
The Smith family is hoping to help another deserving child by making sure others are aware of the dream room makeover contest.

"We shared it with the Hearts of Valor at Fort Benning. It has a lot of spouses who have children who are also working with their wounded warriors. Just making sure it reaches out to others," said LaKesha Smith.

You only have until Friday, June 3 to nominate a child. The sponsors of the contest will work with the family to pick a theme that fits the child the best. Click this link.

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