Launch Trampoline Park in Columbus hosts guests for soft opening

Launch Trampoline Park in Columbus hosts guests for soft opening

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Calling all fans of high-flying action! Launch Trampoline Park is opening its doors this weekend. 

Family and friends got a first glimpse at the new Launch Trampoline facility on North Veterans Parkway in Columbus.   

Owners Jimmy and Jessica Fullerton wanted to not only create a space for people of all ages to use year-round, but to also help boost the local economy. 

"There's a demand for it," Jessica Fullerton said, "so hopefully we can keep more of the Columbus dollars in Columbus, instead of having to go somewhere outside."     

Founder of Launch Trampoline and Super Bowl champ Ty Law helped the new owners settle into the location, replacing Front Porch of the South, which closed its doors last year. 

"It was a lot of dirt and dust in there," Law said, "and now it's a beautiful trampoline park, so I'm just glad to be a part of it."

The facility houses a wide-open space, 16,000 square feet, dedicated just for trampolines, stretching from one end of the building to the next. 

Among the activities available at the park, guests can try flying and dunking on basketball hoops, pelting rivals in a high-energy game of dodgeball, or simply bouncing around to get exercise with family and friends. 

The physical activity, Jimmy Fullerton said, is part of the reason why both he and his wife brought the park to Columbus. 

"Get out from, you know, behind the TV or computer," Fullerton said.  "Get out, get active, play dodgeball or something. There's so many things it offers."

Law said staying active is the end result he hopes to accomplish by franchising more Launch Trampoline facilities across the country. 

"When I grew up, we were outside playing," Law said. "Now in the digital age, new millennials, all the kids are doing this, so my thing is to get out of the house, do something active, do something fun."

Launch will officially open its doors to the public Saturday, May 28.

The owners told WTVM they plan on hosting exercise classes and dodgeball leagues inside the new park.

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