WTVM Editorial 5/27/16: Clinton waits for the FBI

WTVM Editorial 5/27/16: Clinton waits for the FBI

(WTVM) - New revelations about presidential candidate, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her classified emails present a very real threat to her campaign.

The inspector general for the State Department, who was appointed by President Barack Obama, found that the former secretary of state ignored rules governing how sensitive or classified material was handled, because she chose to use a private email server rather than a government mandated one.

The damaging report couldn't come at a worse time.

She wants to fight Donald Trump on the issues, but instead has to fight low poll numbers - according to the Washington Post - for honesty and truthfulness.

A secretary of state is expected to safeguard our national secrets.

A president must do the same at an even higher level, with life or death consequences. Clinton's spokesman has been doing his best to calm the waters for his candidate, downplaying the inspector general's findings.

All while Mrs. Clinton has to wait to see if another shoe will drop, because the FBI is doing a parallel investigation and has not even interviewed the candidate herself yet.

Clinton still insists she has done nothing wrong and believes voters will overlook questions about her email.

But simply saying so may no longer be enough.

The FBI will likely have the last word on her government email practices and Clinton supporters can only hope that the last word is not "indictment."


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