WTVM Editorial 5/27/16: Appreciate employees everyday

WTVM Editorial 5/27/16: Appreciate employees everyday

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Successful businesses are built and sustained by outstanding employees.

Recently, we held our annual employee appreciation day to thank some of WTVM's longest-tenured employees for their hard work each day.

Here's a quick look behind the scenes at how we acknowledged some of them.

During our annual employee appreciation luncheon, we awarded crystal statuettes to three employees who are celebrating 35 years or more of service with WTVM.

The first you know well. Chuck Leonard is our morning news co-anchor and his familiar face has been delivering news, appearing at community events and highlighting the best reasons to live in our area, since 1981.

Chuck told his fellow employees that you have to love where you work – and we are glad he does!

David Williams is our regional director of technology, also celebrating 35 years of service.

We appreciate David for going out to the transmitter at all hours of the day or night, weekends and holidays, too, to fix any technical problems that come up – and he's very good at his job! We are lucky to have David leading our technical staff.

He often helps our viewers, one-on-one, even if it's just a simple reception problem.

And then there is Eddie Bland, who has worked for WTVM for 55 years. That's right, 55 years! Eddie shoots video for hundreds of local commercials we produce here at the station.

His market knowledge and can do attitude is invaluable. We appreciate his longevity and loyalty as an employee.

Other employees received certificates marking their 15 years of service, including News Leader 9 on Fox 54 news anchor Semone Doughton.

Most of them work quietly and effectively behind the scenes to make sure our advertising partners and our viewers get the top notch service they expect from us.

I am so proud of my team here at WTVM and I appreciate their efforts every day. It's my honor to share their achievements with you and to thank them in this very public way!


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