Avoiding Memorial Day Scams

As people and organizations hold ceremonies throughout the weekend the Better Business Bureau in Columbus wants you to be careful which organizations and charities you donate to.

The requests for donations may come in the form of a person knocking on your door, a phone call or a website. Officials say it's best to investigate before you donate and be sure your money is going to a legit organization.

Leonard Crain, President and CEO of the Columbus BBB told News Leader Nine, "We're so thankful for those who have given their life so that we can live as we do. You are going to see those highly emotional appeals, high pressured appeals if they call you on the phone and don't be afraid to be rude and hang the phone up unless you know something about the organization and you are sure you know who they are,"

The B-B-B Wise Giving Alliance says don't be pressured by on the spot donation requests. 
If you're donating clothes and other items, find out how it benefits the charity.
And check with outside sources such as Give.org about an organization.

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