Chick fil A on Macon Rd honors fallen soldiers with 'Missing Man Table'

Chick fil A on Macon Rd honors fallen soldiers with 'Missing Man Table'

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - "All gave some, some gave all" is a statement that has appeared numerous times on social media over the course of the most recent Memorial Day weekend.

On Monday, one Columbus restaurant found a way to demonstrate that sentiment with a somber reminder of the sacrifices made by our armed forces.

Chick fil A on Macon Road showed their appreciation for fallen soldiers on Memorial Day by setting up what's known as a "Missing Man Table."

The Missing Man Table is simply an empty table set with plates, place mats, cutlery, napkins, the works.

However, it's purposefully left empty in memory of the soldier who never made it back home.

"This table is reserved to honor our missing comrades in arms," reads the sign at Chick fil A's Missing Man Table.

There are similar ways of honoring the fallen men and women who served in the military. Sometimes, it's just an additional place at the dinner table.

Whether it's an empty table or empty placemat at the table, it reminds us that some paid for our freedom at the cost of their lives and helps all of us whether military or civilian, understand what Memorial Day is truly about.

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