Summer months can steal children's learning achievements

Summer months can steal children's learning achievements

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - While the heat and holiday weekend welcomes a lot of summer fun for many, the time spent out of school for kids can wreak havoc on learning levels reached throughout the school year.

The Columbus Library is bursting with learning and reading programs to prevent just that, and there are quite a few summer camps with spots available aimed at making learning fun this summer.

Research shows students lose about two months of grade level knowledge in math over the summer, and often there's even more loss in reading.

"Children need to read during the summer, it's called the summer reading gap when they don't. Studies show that children will sometimes lose a grade level or more of reading ability," said the Chattahoochee Valley Regional Library system program manager Henry McCoy.

However, the advantages of a few trips to the library can have huge impacts come time to return to class.

"On the flip side, those that do read throughout the summer not only maintain their level, but gain additional grade level experience," said McCoy.

Camps across the Valley are also hoping to keep kids sharp these summer months. The New Birth Outreach Church has a boys math and science camp lined up in July, so kids will have enough time to unwind from the school year, but enough time to get back on track before the new school year.

"Each child is accessed on day one, where they are academically and they build a platform of study around that for the camp," said Pastor Carlos Coleman.

The camp will include hiking, boating, swimming and more to bring math and science to life.

Research from the National Summer Learning Association shows parents consistently cite June, July, and August as the most difficult time to keep their kids productive, but resources across town hope to make that a little easier.

"We have pads that are not WiFi dependent, specifically for our children. Those are available for check-out here at the library that they can take home and have a little bit of fun with technology without having to worry about internet access," said McCoy.

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