Healthcare plans may increase for Columbus city workers

Healthcare plans may increase for Columbus city workers

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus city workers may incur an increase in healthcare insurance premiums in the upcoming year, if the proposed plan presented Tuesday during council meeting is approved.

"We do continue to have to make changes because of the rising cost of healthcare. The cost is rising but less than it has in the past," said Mayor Teresa Tomlinson.

Tomlinson said the city will continue to tweak its healthcare plans at the premium levels, deductible levels and co-pay levels. For example, the most widely used plan is called the Silver Plan. It will go up by $5.90 per paycheck which amounts to about $140 a year in out of pocket expenses for insurance.

One benefit the city is hoping workers will take advantage of is access to the city's Health and Wellness Center, now available to all employees.

"No copay when you go there. If you wake up you got a sore throat don't feel so good, you can go in no copay some get some pharmaceuticals cost free," added Tomlinson.

The current healthcare options are also being reduced from three plans to two plans to for efficiency purposes.

City employees will also receive a $500 deductible credit on the back end for annual check-ups, screenings and risk management services at the Health and Wellness Center.

Open enrollment starts in October. The plan has not been finalized.

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