Issue in Columbus barbershop murder case may require new trial

Issue in Columbus barbershop murder case may require new trial

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Two men found guilty of murdering a Columbus barbershop owner may be gr anted a new trial after attorneys say "an issue" will need to be reviewed by Judge Smith Friday morning to determine if there are grounds for a mistrial.

Sentencing was pushed back for Demetrice Scott, who was scheduled for sentencing Wednesday morning. Scott was also the key witness in the trial. 

As a part of Scott's plea deal he testified against defendants, Edward Lee and Dantevious Doleman. He also plead guilty to other crimes associated with the five-week crime spree the trio was accused of and as a result his murder charges were d ropped.

The only problem is that he can not be sentenced until his responsibilities of testifying are complete.

So if the Judge does gr ant a new trial, Scott's sentencing will have to wait until the new trial is over.

"This Friday will be a hearing to address this new issue that came up. The court could potentially gr ant a new trial for both defendants," says Jennifer Curry, Defense Attorney for Lee.

Curry says she can't go into detail about the issue until after the hearing on Friday.

"At this time because we are still investigating and researching how to address this new issue I'd rather wait until Friday when we know how we are going to go forward with our argument," says Curry.

Although the Wesley Lambertus with the District Attorney's office declined an on camera interview, he did confirm the sentencing was postponed.

"Scott's sentencing was rescheduled because of an issue that came up before the court," says Lambertus.

The new hearing will be held in Judge Art Smith's courtroom Friday at 10 a.m.

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