Duo convicted in Columbus Barbershop murder denied mistrial request

Duo convicted in Columbus Barbershop murder denied mistrial request

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Superior State Judge denied the motion for a mistrial from two defendants found guilty of the 2012 murder of Columbus Barbershop owner, Charlie Artis. 

Defense attorneys for Dontevious Doleman and Edward Lee filed the motion after the court informed them of documents that were not tendered as evidence. The documents were accidentally sent back to the jury inside of the evidence box containing the murder weapon. 

"We can not assume that it was not seen by the jury," says Jennifer Curry, Lee's Defense Attorney.

The documents sent back contained information about Lee's criminal history which was supposed to be withheld from the jury. 

"It's important to note that Dontevious Doleman's name is not on any of the documents," says Wesley Lambertus with the District Attorney's office who argues Doleman therefore has no ground for a mistrial.

Lambertus told the Judge that the defense inspected the box before it went back to the jury room and did not object. 

William Kirby, Defense Attorney for Doleman, says the mistake was a "grave error" and is grounds for a new trial.

"On this issue I deny the motion for a mistrial," says Judge Art Smith.

Smith says a hearing for a new trial will be held in August.

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