Covenant Woods living community honors local veterans for D-Day

Columbus living community honors local veterans


The 72nd anniversary of D-Day is approaching. While some are commemorating and honoring the lives lost in what was considered the largest invasion in history, the Covenant Woods senior living community in Columbus honors their very own.  

Troops stormed to the beaches of Normandy, France in an operation to end Hitler's dream of Nazi Domination. Over 15,000 service men put their life on the line.  Of those thousands are two residents at Covenant Woods Retirement Community.  
Mr. Charles Maupin and James Wooters were two miles apart on the beaches and now they live just across the hall from each other.  

"I'm sure I saw him when he went by as they went into the beach because they had to go by us to get to the beach and I cant say that I waved at him but I certainty should have," said Wooters.  
Maupin was only 23 years old and Wooters only 19. D-Day proved to be a turning point in World War II.  

"We thank the good Lord we won the war even at a tremendous cost," said Maupin.  
Robert Crist who is the general manager of Covenant Woods says it's rare for a senior community to have residence who's served on D-Day. 

"We're very proud and honored, I told several of my managers this morning I said I have trouble talking about it without tearing up, so it's very honoring," said Crist.   
Although these two veterans are full of life, they say there are still moments that are hard to deal with.  

"When I landed there were rows and rows of bodies on the beach.  American soldiers were given the last full measure of devotion and because of freedom, the freedom they would get the chance to enjoy," said Maupin.   
Both Maupin and Wooters say they're constantly remembering times spent on Normandy Beach. 

On June 6, 1944 more than 9,000 soldiers were killed and wounded. Because of the bravery of these two veterans, Covenant Woods senior living community plans to honor Maupins and Wooters during a dedication ceremony for the Bemon McBride Veterans Garden at Covenant Woods. The event is June 6 at 2 p.m. 

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