Columbus boy hospitalized again following pit bull attack

Columbus boy hospitalized again following pit bull attack

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus boy has been hospitalized again following initial treatment for a pit bull attack.

According to family members, Nigiel Garland's leg became infected after being sent home from the hospital.

Nigel was walking home from the store last Tuesday when a dog broke away from the leash in the front yard and bit Nigiel on the front and back of his leg.

Nigiel has undergone a total of three surgeries since the attack, with the most recent procedure on Sunday.  Hospital officials at Midtown Medical Center said the 9-year-old boy is listed in satisfactory condition.

Family members are hoping Nigiel will be released soon. Animal Control tells News Leader 9 they have no new information to report on the case.  The investigation is still open.

We are wanting to know if the dog's owner has contacted animal and if the dogs is being quarantined, which is a 10-day process.

Special Enforcement told us the dog owner would be charged with violating the city's leash law.

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