Meeting held to discuss possible state park in Columbus

Meeting held to discuss possible state park in Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Georgia Department of Natural Resources and the public had a meeting on Tuesday to discuss possible plans for a new state park in the city of Columbus.

Officials asked residents what kind of outdoor recreational opportunities they would like to see at the new park.

Some of the ideas suggested include nature programming, trails, fishing and water activities, disc golf, adventure play, camping, and mountain biking.

Beckey Kelley, director of Georgia State Parks, says parks bring about a $610 million impact to the economy.

"We hope this park becomes something that everyone will love and cherish and help us take care of and possibly help us build in the future," Kelley said.

"We want to bring the big dogs, we want to bring the pros to come down here and bring the people who want to watch the pros and filling hotels and come see what Columbus Georgia's all about," added Rene Rodriguez, treasurer of the Columbus Disc Golf Club.

The Department of Natural Resources is exploring options for turning over 1,500 acres at the Standing Boy Wildlife Property east of River Road into a state park, pending future funding.

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