Columbus travel agency partners with charity, helps build homes in Haiti

Epperly Travel partners with charity, helps build homes in Haiti

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Five families in Haiti now have a place to call home, thanks to a Columbus travel agency.

Administrators with Epperly Travel say they partnered with the New Story Charity to donate funds that are helping build homes for those in need across the world.

The Epperly Travel agency has helped these five families, and signed on to another year of fundraising to help even more.

Clients pay as they normally would for travel services, and Epperly agents take out a slice of their personal profits for the cause.

"We're able to tell our clients, hey listen, every trip that you go on, a proceed is going to be going to New Story Charity," said travel agent Lindsey Epperly. "You're getting to enjoy your vacation, it doesn't cost you anything extra but we're donating some of this in order to make your vacation go further and impact people around the world."

The business will work until at least April 2017 to continue helping even more families across the country.

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