Number of children killed by hot cars rising again with temperatures

Number of children killed by hot cars rising again with temperatures

Hot temperatures outside are nothing in comparison to how hot cars can get sitting in the sun, sometimes even turning into a death trap for children left behind in hot cars by sometimes forgetful parents.

One child every nine days will die in a hot car is the average from research by the Kids and Cars organization.

Adding to those troubling statistics, there was another hot car death for one family in Baton Rouge on Wednesday.

"I know he's distraught because he loves his girls, he loves kids... He loves his wife. and this is just a horrible accident," said Chanda Williams, a relative of the victim.

A father forgot his 8-month old daughter for two hours in a sweltering car, and is now facing a negligent homicide charge.

"Their body rates go up three to five percent quicker than adults do because they're in a vehicle and their body rates, temperatures, react faster," said Cpl Robert Greene with the Columbus Police Department.

Here in the Valley, officials are hoping to avoid local deaths by encouraging prevention. Columbus Police officers say if you see a child in a car, start by calling 911.

"If 911 instructs you to break that window because the child is unresponsive, go ahead and break the window," said Greene.

Experts also say you should get creative if you're driving with kids, by putting an object in the back seat with them. One useful idea is using your shoe as that object, since it will be obvious when your foot hits the hot pavement getting out.

Another tactic is putting your cell phone in the backseat, as it would also prevent distracted driving.

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