Orlando surgeon shows blood-stained shoes from nightclub shooting

Orlando surgeon shows blood-stained shoes from nightclub shooting

ORLANDO, FL (WTVM) - A number of people who were at the scene of the devastating mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub are telling their stories of what happened. Now, a surgeon at the hospital where many people were treated has told his story with his shoes.

Dr. Joshua Corsa, a surgical resident at Orlando Regional Medical Center, was one of the many doctors who treated patients on June 12, where 49 people were killed and 53 were injured by the shooter Omar Mateen.

Corsa's shoes, which he said he'd only had less than a week, are now covered in blood. He posted a picture of his shoes on his Facebook page on Monday, and his message is displayed as a sign of the devastation located inside Pulse nightclub. He said his shoes were photographed next to his dirty scrubs in his office.

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"For on June 12, after the worst of humanity reared its evil head, I saw the best of humanity of come fighting right back. I never want to forget that night," Corsa wrote.

These are my work shoes from Saturday night. They are brand new, not even a week old. I came to work this morning and saw these in the corner my call room, next to the pile of dirty scrubs.

Corsa's original post has been shared more than 312,000 times since Monday morning.

Since the shooting, Orlando Health has been posting updates on the shooting survivors on their Twitter page.

Mateen was killed by responding law enforcement to the scene.

"The Florida Department of Law Enforcement will conduct the Officer Involved Shooting investigation. The 11 OPD officers  involved are relieved of duty, as is standard in any officer involved shooting," the City of Orlando said in their last briefing on Sunday.

Corsa has been reached for comment on this story.

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