COLGAY holds remembrance, candlelight vigil for victims of Orlando terror attack

COLGAY hosts vigil for victims of Orlando terror attack

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - More than 250 people from around the Valley of all different races, religions and sexual orientations gathered at the Columbus Government Center to show their love and support for the people of Orlando.

The host of the Vigil was COLGAY, the Columbus LGBT Pride Organization. Their director Jeremy Hobbs brought together speakers of all different walks of life to share their thoughts on the deadliest mass shooting in US history.    

Retired military members, representatives from the NAACP, law enforcement officers, pastors and concerned citizens to join with the rest of the world and unite to stand for the people that lost their lives in pulse night club early Sunday morning.

"We are too worried about our difference and our sexual orientation or race or creed, I don't care if you are a purple Hindu, you are an American, you are an American," said Michael Bevis, a retired military member.

Hobbs said that the past few days have been tough but the support from around the world has helped.

"Of the Eiffel Tower and when it light up in the rainbow colors, and then you started seeing bridges and everything else all around the world," Hobbs said. "We are honored we are humble we are thankful and of course we are grieving.  And when we see acts of kindness and acts of support like that it touches our heart, it lets us know the world supports us and they are looking for any way they could possibly be there for us and we thank them for their support."

Following all the speakers, the ceremony wrapped up with the reading of all 49 victims' names and everyone placing flowers, pride flags, candles and signs on the POW MIA memorial government center.

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