Knowledge of weaponry important when discussing AR-15

Gun sales rise in Valley and across the country

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Gun sales are on the rise across the country and here in the Valley, after gun control debates flare up once again, in the wake of the Orlando mass shooting.

On Wednesday, a U.S. Senator filibustered for nearly 15 hours on the issue of gun control and many have resumed their call for assault weapon bans in the U.S.

Managers at gun stores in the Valley are seeing more handgun sales, as people buy for a variety of reasons.

"From my customers I see disgust in the situation that they are law abiding folks who are buying guns at a legal gun store and there are other folks that are misusing firearms," said Shooter's owner Jon McMullen.

Gun owners and enthusiasts across the Valley are condemning the Orlando mass shooting, and many are now also buying more guns for protection from bad guys, and possible gun reform laws.

"Every time we have a rush like this, after a mass shooting, it's folks that are thinking that, 'well I've really always wanted one of those, or I have one, I really want another one to be able to give to my children later on,' and that's exactly correct. They're just trying to say 'hey I'm going to get mine while I can,'" said McMullen.

McMullen explains that local crimes and burglaries are also prompting more people to buy guns.

"We sell a tremendous amount of just basic defensive hand guns which more and more people are carrying hand guns defensively either on their person, in their cars, keeping them in their homes."

With gun control talks spurring once again, McMullen explains that many are confused by the AR-type of rifle that was used in the Orlando shooting. The guns are semi-automatic which and you have to pull the trigger for each shot, unlike a machine gun that will spray bullets as long as you hold the trigger down.

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