WTVM Editorial 6/17/16: Pageant builds character

WTVM Editorial: Pageant builds character

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Since 2004, a Miss Georgia pageant contestant has placed in the top 10 or better in the Miss America pageant seven times.

That's a stunning result for any state pageant, and means Georgia is a launching pad for all future contestants eying the big crown.

Miss Georgia 2015 was Betty Cantrell from Warner Robbins, GA, who became the current Miss America.

Even in the modern age of equality and women's rights, the Miss Georgia and Miss America pageants have stayed relevant and beneficial to young women with talent and drive.

The pageant process has been good for Columbus for 72 years and it's been good for contestants, even the ones who never make it further than our local stage.

Pageants teach poise and confidence and stress scholastic achievement and community service.

Young girls can compete in the princess program and teens in the outstanding teen pageant, which teaches them good citizenship and the value of helping others.

We think all the contestants who came to Columbus for last week's excitement deserve congratulations.

Every young woman can learn a great deal from the rigors of the Miss Georgia pageant, in which beauty is not the first or even the most important measure of success.

Being a good, smart citizen, who is engaged in their community is the winning formula.


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