‘No active search’ for Columbus teen missing in ocean at Myrtle Beach

‘No active search’ for Columbus teen missing in ocean at Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WTVM) – Officials said there is no active search for a missing 14-year-old swimmer from Columbus, according to our sister station WMBF News.

Myrtle Beach Police Cap. David Knipes said that his department will "continue to monitor the area," but the teen male's body has not been recovered at this time.

The search for the teen, who has not been identified, began around noon on June 16 when he and his brother were the subjects of a distress call while swimming near 73rd Avenue North in Myrtle Beach.

"I heard curdling, curdling screams, and the one lifeguard came up, and he said, 'I got the one little boy; I could not get the other little boy.' He's devastated," said Terry Caviccho, a witness visiting from Pennsylvania.

A lifeguard attempted to save the teens, but lost sight of the 14-year-old, so saved one with the buoy and brought him back to shore.

The brothers were on vacation at Myrtle Beach from Columbus.

Thursday's conditions were normal, according to Ryan Harris, a supervisor with Gene's Beach Service/Myrtle Beach Lifeguards the day he went missing.

"Conditions were typical," Harris said. "Maybe just a little worse than normal, but not enough to warrant pulling people out of the water by any means."

Harris said that the brothers, who were not swimming far from shore, may have gotten caught in a rip current that randomly popped up.

"I think in that case it could've been a mixture of them being hung in a rip, stepping off a sandbar, kind of getting overhead and the mixture of the waves being a little bigger than normal," he said. "It probably just made for a mixture of a bad situation."

The teen will be identified once his body is recovered.

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