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Columbus plans to install thousands of LED street lights to save money

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Over the last few months you might have noticed city workers on your street as they aim to install nearly 12,500 new LED street lights.

The project was approved in fall 2015 and now city employees have nearly 80 percent of the new lights installed.

It's all for a cost-saving initiative from Georgia Power and the City of Columbus, which began with traffic lights across the Fountain City being updated with LED bulbs.

While Columbus is seeing savings in their power bills, they are also saving time and resources to send out crews to replace or fix old lights.     

Officials say there were upfront costs to the LED installations, but in the long run it will save taxpayers money.

“Over the long period of time we will realize the cost savings because these lights do last longer, they require less wattage of power to operate, and because they are more reliable there will less outages,” said Doc Dorsey, with Columbus Traffic Engineering.

Officials say the LED lights will also keep city employees safer, as replacements are fewer- which means less people working along the side of busy streets.

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