Soldier walks over 400 miles for vet suicide awareness

Soldier walks over 400 miles for vet suicide awareness

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - After more than three weeks of bearing the Georgia heat, a local initiative came to an end on Monday.

It was an emotional afternoon for veteran Michael Bevis as the 22 for 22 Columbus ruck march wrapped up.

Research from the Veterans Affairs Department shows that 22 veterans a day commit suicide. That's nearly one every hour across the country.

On Memorial Day, Bevis decided to take a spin on the 22 for 22 awareness campaign of doing push-ups for the cause, by setting out to walk 22 miles a day for 22 days straight, all with a 30 plus pound ruck sack on his back.

"Hopefully it did make a difference. Like I said when we first talked, if it saves one life that's all that matters," said Bevis.

Bevis has still maintained a full time job, often walking for hours in the late afternoon to get his miles in. He tells us countless people have messaged him words of encouragement on social media, and today's crowd shows people are listening.

"I think the word's getting out. I'm not sure to what extent it has gotten out, but I know it's made an impact in some way and that's all I was trying to do," said Bevis.

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