Colorado groom bitten by rattlesnake during wedding photoshoot

Colorado groom bitten by rattlesnake during wedding photoshoot
The rattler in question. (Source: Maddie Mae Photos)
The rattler in question. (Source: Maddie Mae Photos)

FORT COLLINS, CO (WTVM) – A couple demonstrating that they'd been bitten by the love bug felt another type of bite during their wedding photoshoot in Colorado last week.

Adventure wedding photographer Maddie Mae, of Fort Collins, CO, was capturing the love of newlyweds Johnny and Laura Benson in scenic Horsetooth Reservoir, when a special guest made his presence known to the groom.

Johnny was bitten by a rattlesnake during the middle of the couple's photoshoot. Maddie called it "my craziest wedding story to date."

"A young rattlesnake jumped out onto the path and bit Johnny on the ankle while we were taking couple photos before the reception," Maddie wrote.

A Larimer County, CO Park Ranger was nearby and the group screamed about the incident, but he didn't hear them the first time.

"'He just got bit by a rattlesnake!!' The ranger, obviously not hearing what we said, yelled back, 'CONGRATULATIONS!!' at the couple in wedding clothes," Maddie wrote. "But then when he got the message he came over and had Johnny lay down and elevate his leg while the paramedics were arriving."

The couple had only been married for two hours, so not knowing if venom had gotten into his system made the "'til death do us part" feel very real. But once Johnny arrived to Pourdre Valley Hospital, the prognosis was good.

"Shortly after we got there, it was determined that no venom had been injected and Johnny still had no swelling or no symptoms," Maddie wrote.

All the while, Maddie never stopped snapping photos – capturing all of the images from the bite to the emergency room and back to the reception.

Following the short stay at the hospital, Johnny, Laura and Maddie were all back in her car and was just an hour late to the reception.

"I've never seen such an emotional 'grand entrance' as all 184 guests cheered when Johnny and Laura walked in, and showered them in a sea of passionate hugs," Maddie said. "I admire Laura and Johnny so much for staying calm, and holding each other's hand through the first great test of their brand new marriage."

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