RI man survives crash after sign goes through windshield

RI man survives crash after sign goes through windshield

WRENTHAM, MA (WTVM) - A Rhode Island man is lucky to be alive after a crash in a construction zone almost turned deadly.

Massachusetts State Police state that the accident occurred when an 18-year-old man from Tiverton, RI was driving down Route 495 in Wrentham, MA on Tuesday afternoon. The man was driving a 2009 Toyota Corolla in the left lane and approached a construction zone.

The man's Corolla left the roadway, entered the median, and struck a highway warning sign about the upcoming lane closure.

The impact brought the sign down through the car's windshield, striking the man in the head.

Wrentham Fire and EMS transported the driver to Rhode Island Hospital with a head laceration. Police investigation indicates the driver was not paying attention to the traffic slowing in front of him because of the construction project.

When the driver finally realized that traffic was stopped in front of him because of the lane merge, he tried to stop in time, but in doing so, he lost control, veered off the road to the left, and struck a construction sign.

Police say the results of this crash could have been much worse for the driver.

"The moral of the story? Drive at reasonable speeds, pay attention to the traffic in front of you, and slow down when approaching construction zones," they said in a Facebook post. "Your only responsibility as a driver is to pay attention to operation of your vehicle and be aware of the traffic around you. Do not let yourself become distracted from that responsibility."

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