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Ret. judge reminisces on Booker T. Washington apartments before demolition

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The last building of the Booker T. Washington apartment complex has been demolished.

Where there was once nearly 400 units now is flat land and leftover rubble as contractors try to clear the area.

The Columbus Housing Authority says it will try to preserve as many trees as possible.

Residents' reactions are mixed. Some are glad to hear the neighborhood will get a facelift, while others lamented that they will miss the buildings where they grew up.

Retired Judge John Allen, who moved to Booker T Washington as a boy, shared some memories with us about what it was like living there.

“Believe it or not in the summers at the playground we had a playground monitor. Also one of the dairies, Wells or Kinnett used to bring back cold milk in the afternoons for the kids. That was always a treat,” said Judge Allen.

Retired Judge Allen says he hopes that sense of community that existed there for him as a child will return when the apartment complex is rebuilt.

The housing authority says it hopes to complete cleaning up the demolished buildings by the end of July.

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