Midtown Columbus is growing

Midtown Columbus is becoming the place to eat, work and live as the area is thriving.
With the help of Midtown Inc. the area has grown in the last 10 years. 
Most recently several local and national businesses such as Second and Charles and Chipotle Restaurant which will be opening soon at Cross County Plaza.

Earlier this month, Elements Natural Medicine relocated their office from Bradley Park to Wynnton Road.
"It's a wonderful example of a national chain and local business establishing in different areas along the same corridor which really is the heart of Midtown and the community," says Anne King, Executive Director of Midtown Inc.

Several other projects are helping the area thrive as well.
With two grants from the Georgia Department of Transportation, the intersections between Peacock and Hilton Avenue will be part of the Wynnton Street scape Project.

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