WTVM Editorial 6/24/16: US Attorney General Lynch not very transparent

WTVM Editorial 6/24/16: US Attorney General Lynch not very transparent

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Plenty of elected officials like to talk about transparency in government, which means giving it to us straight, warts and all the complete picture.

When something is transparent, it is literally "see through," visible to everyone. Clear as a bell.

But the government's version of transparency usually means "we will tell you what we think you need to hear - and show you what we think you should see."

Those same elected or appointed officials who talk about transparency really mean to say "the government knows best."

That's the case with the Orlando killer's calls to 911. First, just a partial transcript was released, omitting the name of the ISIL leader, to whom the killer dedicated his nightclub massacre.

Just hours later, after an outcry that such editing was counterproductive and even a bit silly, the U.S.  Attorney General Loretta Lynch decided to give us the uncut version after all.

Even so, there was still no transparency about why the decision was made to edit the calls, nor was there an answer to the logical question, who ordered the calls to be edited in the first place?

If we have the most transparent administration ever, that question should not be hard to answer.

But lynch refused to answer the question, which is the opposite of being transparent. Being transparent simply means telling us the truth.

It was a mistake to edit ISIL references out of the Orlando 911 calls.

Admitting that mistake, telling us who made the decision to do it, and then offering a sincere apology would have been truly transparent...and that would be truly refreshing.


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