Thermostat settings, free fridge recycling saves people big bucks

Thermostat settings, free fridge recycling saves people big bucks

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Savings between $50 and $1,000 from a new initiative could help Georgia Power customers tackle high energy bills this summer. To reap those benefits, you'll have to give up an old fridge.

"The secondary refrigerators and freezers of course they're typically not in the home, a lot of them are located in unconditioned garages and sheds, which can use tremendous amounts of energy," said Ashley Stukes, a representative with Georgia Power.

Power experts estimate you can save as much as $1,000 in energy costs over the old fridge's lifetime if you get rid of it now. It's a sweet deal for those who are looking to save energy, money, and get rid of an old refrigerator.  Georgia Power will pick the fridge up, recycle it for free, and give you $50.

Experts say many people know the basics of energy saving like using fans, and installing drapes or blinds to keep sunlight out, along with using energy efficient LED light bulbs. However, one debate has raged on about whether to turn your AC off completely when you're not home, versus turning the temperature up.

"We would not advise cutting the thermometer all the way off because once you get home from work or get home from traveling etc., your system AC unit is having to work continuously to cool the house off, which can definitely raise up a bill," said Stukes.

Experts also say it's important to seal your windows, and make sure you keep outdoor landscaping clear of heating and cooling equipment to help it run as effectively as possible.

Another energy saving practice is setting your thermostat to regulate itself for different times of the day. Often at night you can raise the temperature a bit because it is cooler out.

You can check with your energy provider for more methods of savings. Many power companies like Georgia Power offer free audits where a professional will come to your house and go through a checklist to narrow down any energy guzzlers that may create those high bills.

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