Braves hold open tryout at CVCC

Braves hold open tryout at CVCC

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Big league clubs are always looking out for that next hidden gem. The Atlanta Braves are no exception.

They held an open tryout Monday morning at Chattahoochee Valley Community College, trying to find that next crop of talent.

For kids with Major League dreams, it was their time to shine.
"It gives us an opportunity to see some guys that may have been overlooked and some guys as they get a little older they get a little bit better with their skillset and they may fit in," Hugh Buchanan said.

Buchanan is an area scouting supervisor for the Braves.
More than 50 athletes showed up this afternoon, each with something to prove, like Columbus State's Mike McClellan. He felt overlooked after being passed up in this year's draft.
"It kind of sucks, but it happens," McClellan said. "Today I'm just going to show what I've got. Everything happens for a reason, I truly believe in that. It made me work harder, it made me hit harder, it made me work out in the gym more so it happens, but it's a good thing."
For former CVCC Pirate Vincente Andrews, it's less about proving something to scouts. The 25-year-old wanted to prove something to himself.
"I really just came out to prove to myself that I still can play," Andrews said. "If they think I can, that's great. Can't lose."
Then there are guys like Glenwood's Tyler Cadenhead. He was focused more on improving. He hoped to learn what to work on when he plays college ball next year.
"I'm coming out here for experience just to see what they'll say, what their scouting report will be about me, what I'll need to work on to go on to the next level after college, hopefully," he said.
No matter the reason, it's a huge opportunity for all these guys, and perhaps we'll see some of these faces again in a big league

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