Organization presents plans for future RiverLink Bike Trail

Organization presents plans for future RiverLink Bike Trail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Plans for the first proposed RiverLink Bike Trail that will connect the Fall Line Trace to the Riverwalk were discussed Tuesday night in full detail.

Officials with the City of Columbus and Community Foundation revealed plans that can make this proposed project a reality.

Leading the discussion were members of the PATH Foundation, a nonprofit agency that has designed and built the Atlanta Beltline and the Silver Comet and Carrollton GreenBelt Trails.

"We're lightyears ahead of most communities that start building trails because we've got the Fall Line Trace and the RiverWalk," said Ed McBrayer, executive director of PATH Foundation. "They're just not connected. So one of the wonderful things about this plan is it offers a safe and enjoyable connection that basically pulls the RiverWalk into town."

The PATH Foundation developed the $2.4 million project offering 12 trail links and 27 and a half miles total of trails through the city of Columbus.

The project was approved by the city on August 11, 2015.

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