FL woman accused of using baby 'as baseball bat' to assault boyfriend

FL woman accused of using baby 'as baseball bat' to assault boyfriend

DAYTONA BEACH, FL (WTVM) – A Florida woman was arrested for allegedly using her baby as a baseball bat to assault her boyfriend on July 4.

According to news station WFTV in Orlando, FL, Tatyana Allen, 18, was arrested after more than 20 witnesses told police that she was seen using her 6-month-old son "like a baseball bat" to assault her boyfriend.

Witnesses told police and a judge during Allen's first court appearance that she used the child to hit her unidentified boyfriend in the face. Following the assault, she threw the baby face-first in the sand.

Witnesses said that when the boyfriend tried to pick the baby up, Allen allegedly snatched the child from him.

"As this happened, the baby's head was not being supported and was 'dangling,' according to two sworn witness statements," the report said.

The report further indicates that Allen was "extremely rough" with the baby, and allegedly hit the baby's head against the railing on the boardwalk as the couple walked.

Numerous people called 911, including Allen, who alleged that her boyfriend was assaulting her, and was inebriated.

Allen was arrested and charged with battery and child abuse. During her court appearance on Tuesday, Allen denied the witness accounts.

She is no longer in police custody, according to Volusia County Jail logs.

The 6-month-old was hospitalized and expected to be OK.

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