New indoor football league will begin play in 2017

New indoor football league will begin play in 2017

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus has one of the most stable indoor football franchises in the nation. The leagues they've played on the other hand haven't been so stable, along with a lot of the other teams in those leagues.

So, enter a new league... the Arena Developmental League.

On Thursday afternoon in Columbus, the ADL announced its existence. Running the show will be former Canadian Football League and Arena League coach John Gregory as commissioner, with another former AFL coach, Chris Siegfried, as Director of Football Operations.

Their goal is to teach players the right way to do things, on and off the field, to give them a shot at the higher levels in a stable atmosphere, beginning next spring.

I think that the name of this organization, this league, is very, very well done because that's what we're going to do,” Gregory said. “We're going to try to develop kids for the NFL, and for the CFL, and for the AFL.

You have so many franchises that are so frustrated with jumping from this league, and not knowing where they're playing in the next year and the following year,” said Siegfried. “It gets to the point where the consensus is, ‘Hey, we can form our own league and do it better,’ and that's kind of where this spawned.

Stable franchises like the Columbus Lions are what they're looking for, but no teams have formally joined the league yet.

Existing AIF teams aren't free to apply for membership until their contracts run out on July 18.

The league is owned by Columbus businessmen Kiki and Skip Seda, who are part-owners of the Lions.

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