WTVM Editorial 7/8/16: WTVM Fan Club

WTVM Editorial 7/8/16: WTVM Fan Club

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – For the past few years, News Leader 9 has been proud to lead a special effort to help the elderly and the poor cope with the deadly effects of our summer heat.

We created The WTVM Fan Club to help and it's something almost every one of us can do.

Simply drop off a gently used or new box fan or window fan here at our studios on Wynnton Road or at the Valley Rescue Mission, which will distribute the fans to those in need.

The law firm of Forrest B. Johnson and Associates is our client-partner in the fan club this year, helping us broaden the message that donating a fan can make a real difference.

Simple box fans can be purchased for as little as $15 in hardware or home stores and every fan will help someone find a little comfort.

Heat kills about 600 people every year. But thousands of others can suffer organ damage and circulation problems due to high temperatures.

Many elderly poor cannot afford air conditioning. But a fan can do a lot of good.

One tip is to place a pan of ice cubes in front of the fan. The melting ice will cool down the air the fan pushes around the room.

Joining our "Fan Club" is a small gesture that will mean a lot to the person or family struggling to move air around in a humid, overheated home or apartment.

We urge you to make a fan donation and make someone smile right here where we live. Thank you!


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