Former Alabama House Speaker sentenced

Former Alabama Speaker of The House, Mike Hubbard grants his first and only interview to News Leader 9.  The interview happened at The Hubbard's home in Auburn Friday afternoon after the judge sentenced him to a 20 year split sentence, with 4 years to serve and 16 years probation after Hubbard was found guilty on 12 felony ethics charges.

The Former Speaker maintains he is innocent and is looking forward to his appeal.

The appeal process is allowing Mike Hubbard to not go to prison; instead he remains with his family tonight out on an appeal bond.

Hubbard told News Leader Nine "It has been a long couple of years. I would not wish this on anyone. It has been very difficult on me and my family, but in a way today is the beginning of the road to redemption, I am looking forward to the appeals process, looking forward to clearing my name and being vindicated."
Hubbard was asked what will happen to his family if his appeal fails and he does go to prison.
A split sentence means its likely Hubbard will spend all 4 years in prison.
It was the one question Hubbard and his wife did not want to answer.

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