AL volunteer fire department fans of Pokemon Go, declares station as Pokestop

RAW: Employees at Cannon Brew Pub playing Pokemon Go

LADONIA, AL (WTVM) – There is a new game out that's catching a lot of attention – Pokemon Go – you may have heard of it. Now an Alabama volunteer fire department has dubbed itself a location of high activity for the latest game craze.

The Ladonia, AL Volunteer Fire Department, in a Facebook on Monday, has declared its location a Pokestop – or a place pinned by its geo-location – to capture Pokemon.

"Ladonia Fire Department is a Pokémon Go Pokestop. We welcome the opportunity to work with all the trainers in the area. Please do not Pokemon Go and Drive. Please use the side parking lot to catch them all. We would not want any Pokémon or trainers to be hurt as we run calls. Gotta Catch 'em All."

Pokemon Go, which made its U.S. release to iPhone and Android app stores on July 7, already has a massive following, and amassed millions of downloads.

The Pokemon franchise has been popular across the globe since the late 1990s, and has been a successful franchise that includes a television show, merchandise and other video games. The franchise was spawned from the popular Japanese hobby of bug catching.

Everyone is into Pokemon Go – even Forbes has released a list of 10 things you need to know about the game.

The free mobile game was created by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. Users can create their own avatars and are entered into a world where reality can meet up with the popular animated characters. They go on missions to catch all 151 original Pokemon creatures.

Any location can be pinned to become a Pokestop.

The game has also been involved in some interesting stories. A Wyoming teen discovered a dead body while playing the game. In Missouri, a handful of criminals used the game and are accused of committing armed robberies.

But please use the app responsibly.

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