Business as usual after 'The Columbus Times' hit by burglars

It's business as usual after The Columbus Times was hit by burglars

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A long-time African American newspaper in Columbus is in the news itself after yet another break-in.

"The Columbus Times" has been burglarized twice in the past three weeks.

Before burglars strike again, the safety of their staff  is their chief concern, according to their advertising manager and former publisher.

Video and pictures from their Facebook page show some of the damage left behind after someone broke several windows to the building and even stole one of the air conditioners.
The building on Buena Vista Road also received damage to window panes and walls. There is an alarm system but it didn't go off because no one was able to get inside.
After more than 40 years of being in the same location, those at the paper are concerned about their safety since the burglaries are happening so often.

"We feel that solution is not moving out of the area because too many people know where we are," said Carol Gertjegerdes. "We are just trying to overcome this problem. That's why I think talking to Seth Brown would help so we can see how some of these crime prevention organizations can come in and help this area. Maybe secure it or help the young people to think of other positive goals rather than break into places and steal things." 

The damage estimates are well into the thousand dollar price range, and the cost of repairs could have an impact on their 41st annual Summerfest and Back to School Giveaway on July 29.
They depend on sponsors and donations from the community to help put on the event. It will be held at the Frank Chester Recreation Center on Benning Drive from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

In other burglaries in the past two years, thieves were able to get inside and steal iPad's and cameras.

The Columbus Times say they are not sure who could be responsible for the burglaries.

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