CPD officer-involved shootings lower than national average

Columbus officer-involved shootings lower than national average

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Protests are erupting across the country, raising concern about officers' use of deadly force.

In the past five years, Columbus has had a total of 14 officer involved shootings, four which were deadly.

"One fatality is too many, at the same time that is an extremely low number when you compare it to other communities," says Mayor Teresa Tomlinson.

Columbus averages a force rate of .007 percent each year, about five times lower than the national average, according to Mayor Tomlinson.

"Columbus officers go through anti-biased training and what we call a use of force continuum training, just because you are in a difficult situation your hand does not go to your gun first," says Tomlinson.

In fact, hard hands, pepper spray or a taser are all options Tomlinson says officers are trained to attempt before implementing deadly force.

There are 79 positions available within the Columbus Police Department. A job fair was held on Wednesday, and many of the applicants said they wanted to join the force in order to make a difference.

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