WTVM Editorial 7/15/16: Pokemon gone crazy

WTVM Editorial 7/15/16: Pokemon gone crazy

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - What is Pokemon Go and why should you care about a smartphone game app that encourages you to collect cartoon characters that pop up almost anywhere?

Since Nintendo released the game, it's causing major problems almost everywhere INCLUDING HERE.

An Auburn man was robbed of his cell phone and roughed up while playing the scavenger hunt game on South College Street.

In Missouri, four armed teenagers used the game to place a "beacon" in a park to act as a lure to rob game players.

In New York state, a man crashed his car into a tree playing the game on his phone while driving. Another man was stabbed by a stranger while playing late at night.

Two men fell off a cliff in California not watching where they were going as they held their smartphones up to catch the virtual reality game pieces.

Other Pokemon players have broken ankles, cuts and bruises and other injuries because they focused on the game and not where they were walking.

Games are wonderful distractions, a lot of fun and can be rewarding experiences.

But we hope you all think twice about putting yourselves in dangerous situations just because of a popular game.

Two women in Toledo jumped a zoo fence into a tiger habitat to catch Pokemon characters and that senseless decision could have been fatal.

We hope Pokemon addicts can learn to keep the game in perspective and not put themselves or any of us in real danger by ignoring the real world around them just for the sake of winning a game in the unreal, virtual world.


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