WTVM Editorial 7/15/16: The good work of police

WTVM Editorial 7/15/16: The good work of police

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – It's great news that Valdosta police Officer Randall Hancock, who was ambushed by gunfire while on duty July 8 has now been released from the hospital.

It is completely unacceptable in a civilized society for any police officer to be targeted for injury or death for any reason.

In the wake of the horrific police ambush in Baton Rouge and the massacre of 5 officers in Dallas, it's time to speak out forcefully on the extremely valuable and selfless work the police do every day, in ways both big and small, to keep us safe and able to go about living our lives.

Even when law enforcement officers make mistakes, they do not deserve to be vilified as a group or targeted for payback.

And when police officers are suspected of illegal acts, the courts are the only place to seek justice through due process.

Brave officers like Randall Hancock of the Valdosta PD, and the men and women serving on all of our local police forces big and small are special, courageous people.

Police make sacrifices that the rest of us would never make, to do a tough sometimes impossible, job the best way they know how. And we are glad they do.


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