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NL9 on the road: Eating good in Americus

AMERICUS, GA (WTVM) - Following three delicious restaurants in Eufaula, we took some viewer submissions for restaurants to try in Americus.

My first stop was a one recommended by a viewer. Monroe's Hot Dogs and Billiards boasts the slogan "Best Dog Ever Bitten By A Man."

"Well… I mean it's true, it's true we have the best hot dog I have ever eaten," said Stacie Daniel,  daughter of the owner of Monroe's Hot Dogs.  

The restaurant has been in Stacie's family for 35 years!  After buying the place from the original owner Monroe Barnes, her father decided to keep the name.

They moved from the Windsor Hotel into their current building about 25 years ago, revamping the run-down pool hall into Monroe's Hot Dogs & Billiards.  Even after purchasing the new building, they still kept the pool tables around.

"We did until about five years ago and then people just stopped playing, and so we eventually closed the pool part of it down because we just didn't have
the business and the restaurant part of it has been the big thing," said Daniel.  

Monroe's was packed wall to wall on Wednesday when we stopped by. Part of the reason why Monroe's draws such a crowd is because of their affordable prices.

Daniel linked the prices to local crowds.

"College kids can't afford a high-priced menu," Daniel said. "I think that it works to our advantage to keep our prices lower. More people come in and eat."

The three signature hot dogs that they serve are their Chili Cheese Dog, Slaw Dog, and Combo Dog featuring both chili and slaw. Another unique part of their hot dogs is their steamed bun, giving it their own special taste.  

Just up the road from Monroe's in the heart of downtown Americus is Little Brothers Bistro, a name that comes directly from their owner.

"I am the youngest of five, so hence Little Brothers Bistro," said owner Steve Miller. "And everybody always calls me little brother. A lot of my peers didn't even realize that because my siblings are much older but all their buddies call me little brother."

Miller says Little Brothers' style is unique.

"Fast casual, it's upscale food its quality ingredients, but it is still basic," Miller said. "You are not going to break the bank, but you are getting the highest quality of food in a reasonable amount of time."

They take pride in the way that they plate their food, and served up three beautiful and delicious entrees while News Leader 9 was there.

First was a spin on an American lunch classic, the BLT. Little Brothers added two items to that classic, avocado and chicken, making it an ABCLT served with a broccoli slaw.

Next was a vegetarian option, the Mediterranean Flatbread plated around a beautiful fresh salad.

Lastly the Mediterranean Salad complete with fresh strawberries, mandarin oranges and homemade balsamic vinegar dressing.   

Miller believes that the one tank trip to Americus is absolutely worth it from Columbus, not only for his restaurant but also because the town has so much to offer.

"It is the perfect staycation I think they call it," Miller said. "But you come down here, we have a beautiful theater that was revamped in the 90s, it is top-notch, a lot of great shows.  So you come down catch a show, stay at the historic Windsor Hotel, eat at Little Brothers, and make it just a little one day weekend."

Next stop is West Point, GA. If you have any can't miss restaurants in West Point, message Andrew McDevitt WTVM on Facebook.

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