UPDATE: Signal restored at WTVM following stormy weather Monday; click here to watch newscasts

Storm damage video via Barbara Gauthier

(WTVM) - UPDATE: The equipment that allows us to broadcast our signal over the air has been restored.

Our loss of signal was due to a vicious and very localized microburst storm with winds up to 70 mph. WTVM lost all power around 7:50 p.m. and all technical systems needed to broadcast over the air were non-functional.

Georgia Power responded and helped us restore power to the station, but our internal technical systems remained off-line as our engineers worked hard to troubleshoot all the intricate technology inside the station.

When some of those internal station systems were restored, we began live streaming news on our website and mobile app.

However, the specialized equipment needed to generate a signal to our transmitter that would send our signal to your TV, or to the cable companies who carry our signal, remained inoperable.

Our digital platforms - website and mobile app - became our "station" to allow us to share updates with viewers.

Click here to watch our newscasts online on your mobile device.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and our engineers are working to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Multiple power lines are also down near the station at 1909 Wynnton Road. Many roads around the station are currently blocked around the station. Please be safe! Georgia Power reccomends the following when trees and power lines are down due to stormy weather:

  1. Never climb power poles or transmission towers. A typical overhead distribution line has 7,200 volts per wire. Voltages on major transmission lines are as high as 500,000 volts. Both can deliver a deadly shock.
  2. Never climb trees near power lines. The human body is an excellent conductor of electricity and you could become its path from the lines to the ground.
  3. Stay away from downed power lines. Always assume a downed power line is live and life-threatening. Keep children and pets away from downed lines. Do not attempt to remove a person or animal caught in power lines. Call 911 for help. Do not attempt to remove tree limbs or any other object from a downed line. If you see a downed line, call Georgia Power at 1-888-891-0938 or your police or fire department to have the downed line barricaded until it can be repaired. Warn others to stay away.
  4. Never drive over a downed line or under a low-hanging line. Beware of downed lines touching a vehicle. Stay away from the vehicle and the line. If a power line hits your car while you're inside, stay put and wait for help. If the car catches fire, then jump clear without touching metal and the ground at the same time. Shuffle away keeping both feet on the ground.
  5. Keep ladders, antennas, kites and poles away from power lines. Remember: Weatherproofing on overhead wiring is not insulation. If you are holding any of these items and they come into contact with a power line, you could receive an electrical shock.

Please stay safe, and if you have any pictures or video of the storm damage feel free to email them to pix@wtvm.com.

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