Midtown Columbus man has close encounter with strong winds

Columbus man encounters strong winds Tuesday

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Terrifying winds with speeds of up to 75 miles per hour ripped through a portion of Columbus' Midtown area Monday night, without warning.

Scott Ridenour lives within feet of the WTVM studios. He came in contact with the storm's wraft.

"It was thick, my front door come out of my hand, it bout' blew me off my feet and I had to put every bit of weight I had on the door to shut it and I dead-bolted it," explained Ridenour.

Scott said his fiance' grabbed their newborn and 4-year-old child and they all took cover underneath a mattress in the hallway of their home. 

What they thought was a tornado turned out to be a Microburst. Chief Meteorologist Derek Kinkade described it as quick moving air that moves down from a storm which hits the ground and spreads out in all directions.

On Overlook Drive, Jerry Redding said he moved to Columbus from Arizona three years ago and his sights set on this house because there were no trees in the yard.  But's it's his neighbor's trees, uprooted from the ground, that now smother his yard from both directions. 

Redding's next door neighbor also experienced their problems with down trees and dangling power lines from a storm that impacted only a few people but in a big way.

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