Special Report: Gone but not forgotten, Phenix City double homicide remains unsolved

Gone but not forgotten: Phenix City double homicide remains unsolved

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - For the first time, the families of two murder victims are breaking their silence about a Phenix City case that remains unsolved.

Alonzo Pipkin, 18, and Londyn Long, 24, were found dead from multiple gunshot wounds inside of a home on the 100 block of 14th Court in Phenix City. 

"Who could be so cruel to hurt two children, even though they were adults they were children in our eyes," says Angela Morgan, Pipken's mother.

Phenix City Police say they responded to reports of gunshots around 4 a.m. on Feb. 4, a day that continues to haunt Pipkin's and Long's families.

"I am going to be honest. I am just trying to make it through for this baby, for his son," says Lacy Long, Londyn's mother.

Lacy says she sees pieces of her son in her four year old grandson who is devastated that he'll never be able to ride his bike with his father again.

Lt. Steve Nolin attributes a lack of forensic evidence and the street code of silence as factors hindering detectives from making an arrest.

"Through our investigation narcotics were found in the house. It was a substantial quantity. We believe the house was a drug house or what is known as a trap house. Initially the guy who maintained the house was listed as a suspect, he was ruled out for the shootings but was charged with the narcotics. I believe he is actually related to some of the family," says Nolin.

Determined to find their son's killer, Lacy and Angela have been doing everything they can to get the word out about their son's murders.

"We came out and passed out flyers to get the word out that we have a $5,000 reward," says Long.

Londyn was a videographer and created music videos for local artists, while Pipken had dreams of playing basketball in college.

"It was a senseless murder apparently how it went down like somebody just went in and killed both of them," says Long.

A horrific scene that keeps replaying through the mind of Pipkins older sister who says she was at the crime scene just hours after her brother was brutally shot to death.

"I kept identifying him and telling them what he looked like. She was just like yeah that's him… I don't know, it was just like the worse worse worse moments ever," says Yasmine Morgan.

Despite detectives still not having any leads on suspects, the victim's families say they're not giving up hope, Alonzo Pipken and Londyn Long may be gone but they're not forgotten.

"I am never giving up," says Morgan.

Phenix City detectives say if you know anything about the murders of Pipken and Long you can report your tips anonymously to (334) 298-0611.

A $5,000 reward for information that will lead to a conviction is being offered by the family.

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