Know when to go: Auburn's newest traffic safety campaign

Know when to go - Auburn's newest traffic safety campaign

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Each year in the state of Alabama, 24,000 people get into accidents for failure to yield.

The city of Auburn is launching a new campaign to educate people on how to stay safer on the roads.

Auburn has been operating a campaign called "Travel With Care" for more than 10 years now.

This year, the city of Auburn launched #KnowWhenToGo to address the number one reason for traffic accidents in the state of Alabama. 

"Auburn is a very bicycle friendly community, a pedestrian friendly community and of course, we all have drivers in our community. So the city of Auburn is looking to improve the safety and enhance the safety of all of those modes of transportation and get them working together better," said Auburn's Traffic Engineer Brandy Ezelle.

In fact, their campaign sign features all three, a steering wheel in the middle, handlebars around the outside and crosswalk stripes in the inside. All come together in a bow tie that has an additional meaning.

"And the overall bow tie is representative of the general courtesy that we are trying to get all modes of transportation to display to each other as they travel," said Ezelle. 

The number one cause of traffic accidents in the state of Alabama is because of failures to yield, and the city of Auburn is no different.

"There is a question around Auburn, who has the right of way? The right turn vehicle or the left vehicle? And that all depends on who has the yield sign. We are trying to teach people and remind people when to go when to yield and when they should go," Ezelle said.  

Next week the city will kick off this campaign with Implementation and Warning Week, taking to the streets to make sure everyone is informed of the traffic laws.

David Dorton, the Director of Public Affairs,also talked about how this campaign shows the city's dedication to safety.

"It is also a partnership between the city and the University I think it just shows the commitment of both organizations to safety," Dorton said. 

For more tips on how to stay safe check out the Travel With Care website.

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