Sen. Isakson talks military and presidential race during Columbus visit

Sen. Isakson talks military and presidential race during Columbus visit

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - With politics on top of many minds this week, U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia made a stop in Columbus on Tuesday, talking about changes he hopes to see in our next president's administration, like military expansion and job growth.

Sen. Isakson was recently in Cleveland for one day at the Republican National Convention; joking that after he addressed Georgia delegates, he left since no one else could vote for him.

Isakson did however tune in to other speakers and he says the Republican party has grown, especially in Georgia, since he first started in politics in the 70's.
The Senator says that empowering business owners, having fair business regulations and addressing taxes are all important things for the Peach State. He adds the RNC united many in the party over a number of issues.

"It's always been raucous, it's always been competitive, it's always had it's share of characters, but in the end it's always ended up nominating good people who get elected and those people, when they serve, do a good job. So I think you're seeing in the Democratic Convention and the Republican Convention, partisan politics at it's best," said Isakson.

Isakson is running for re-election in November against Democrat Jim Barksdale, and hopes to be able to advocate for Republican issues in Washington once again.

One of the other big issues Isakson addressed a Columbus crowd about was military downsizing. Fort Benning was recently impacted by the deactivation of the Third Brigade on post. Isakson says he hopes the next presidential administration will boost our armed forces, and go after international threats.

"The current administration's policy of containment in terms of terrorism is wrong. In the last eight years we've tried to contain something that's a cancer. You've got to cut it out. It's time we deployed the military forces we know and we have to take ISIL out and kill the leadership of ISIL and the faster we do it, the safer our world is going to be," said Isakson.

During his visit, Isakson also endorsed Republican candidate Drew Ferguson who is running for the Congressional District Three seat. That election is against run-off candidate Mike Crane.

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