Smiths Station 10U team ready for World Series

Smiths Station 10U team ready for World Series

SMITHS STATION, AL (WTVM) - It's almost time for Smiths Station's 10U team to show their stuff. They're days away from heading to Myrtle Beach for the Dixie World Series.
"I'm just proud for these girls," head coach Chris McConnell said. "They deserve it. They worked really hard and I'm proud for these girls."
"I'm really excited because this is my first time going to world series," second baseman Sadie Herron said
In fact, it's the first time most of them have gone to the World Series. This team joins the 12U squad as the only teams in the history of Smiths Station to make it this far.
"It's very cool that people can say that we're a really good team and we get to represent Smiths Station," first baseman Anna Bonniot said.
Don't worry about nerves overtaking this team, because if any bad plays happen during the World Series, they know to just shake it off.
"We do this little thing like where we do a little dance like this and shake it off," Bonniot said.
The "Shake it Off" dance is similar to the one seen in the Taylor Swift song of the same name.
Bonniot said it just makes them laugh.
So nerves won't be a concern, but this team's also got a bit of luck on their side. It comes in the form of a Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packet picked up just before the State Tournament.
Assistant Coach John Lester picked up a hot sauce packet at a Taco Bell, and it's been good fortune ever since.

"I wind up grabbing a packet of hot sauce that says 'Team Hot.' This has been our good luck charm and we will be taking it to World Series with us," Lester said.

Since then… they've certainly been "Team Hot". They're undefeated, and look to stay "hot" when they get to the World Series.

Both the 10U and 12U teams take off for Myrtle Beach Saturday. They begin play next Monday, Aug. 1.

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